News-sponsored film series focuses on the best films of the era, with a different year represented each month


It was a time when guys were “Goodfellas,” teens were “Clueless” and the fiction was full of Pulp.

It was the ’90s, and it was a boom time for the film industry, with the rise of independent cinema changing the moviegoing landscape forever. Filmmakers like Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson gave voice to Generation X, and they celebrated and regurgitated pop-culture tropes in their films the only way children raised on ’70s television knew how.

And now we’re going back.

Today we’re announcing ’90s on Maple, a film series that will celebrate the weird, wild and the wonderful of ’90s cinema. Curated by yours truly, we will screen one movie a month at the Maple Theater in Bloomfield Township, each representing a different year of the 1990s.

As for the titles? You’ll have to wait to find out.

We’re starting June 28 with a movie from 1990, continue July 31 (1991), Aug. 30 (1992) and Sept. 25 (1993). We will be tweeting out clues to the films(at @grahamorama and @detroitnews), but no one’s going for obscurity points here: these are major films that left a dent in pop culture, and this is your chance to see them on the big screen again or for the first time.

Tickets for the June 28 film go on sale today on the Maple Theater’s website (; they’re $8 and include a small popcorn. There will be a discussion following the films, which will be light and chatty, and probably full of ’90s references.

Won’t you join us? It will be fun. More fun than the Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger animation/live-action hybrid “Cool World,” which may or may not be on the screening list.

Care to find out? Join us at ’90s on Maple.

(313) 222-2284

First four dates

■June 28: (1990)

■July 31: (1991)

■Aug. 30: (1992)

■Sept. 25: (1993)

To purchase tickets:

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